Education Should Be A Right… Not A Luxury

In the developing world, we take education for granted. It’s a given here in the US that everyone will go to school from Kindergarten to High School.That’s not the case in third world countries. For example, High School isn’t free in Kenya, and the cost to go is a struggle for most families and orphanage directors.  And if you are a girl,  the odds of you going to school, let alone finishing,  are very small. Take a moment and watch To Educate a Girl  from Talking Drum Pictures to get a better idea.


This became real for us in 2007 after meeting the girls of Saint Monica Children’s Home for the first time in Kenya. We wanted to change that and the Gift of Education Program was soon born in December of the same year. This program was designed to help the girls not just achieve their goals, but to dream bigger ones. And we believe education is the key to that.

We started out in 2007 with sponsoring a small handful of the High School girls for the 2008 school year. As the girls grew older, more and more entered High School. For the 2009 school year, we sponsored ten High School girls. For the 2010 school year, we raised almost $15,000 for the nine girls who were currently enrolled and for those starting High School.

Things changed drastically for MFFO in April of 2010. The girls were moved into a new location, under a new director, and MFFO took on the financial responsibility for all the girls educational needs.  We had to make quick changes and loftier goals. We knew the fundraiser for the 2011 school year was extremely important. We raised over $32,000 in one night for all the girls at Saint Monica’s and we were able to send each and everyone of them to school that year. For the 2012 school year, with the help of sponsors and the Gift of Education Fundraiser, we raised enough money to put all 35 of Saint Monica’s girls into private schools. In 2013, we continues supporting all of Saint Monicas children, and are happy to say that six more girls graduated high school. They are applying to different Universities and Colleges in the Nairobi area.

In 2014, we currently have 44 children in total. Our youngest is in preschool and our eldest, Mary, will be graduating form the University of Nairobi in December of 2014.

We are blessed to have the love and support from our sponsors and supporters worldwide. We could not have achieved any of this without you. Thank you! The fundraiser for the 2013 school year is set for Nov 2012 in Darnestown, Maryland. We look forward to your support!

Here is the video that was shown at the GOE Fundraiser in November 2011.



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